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Becoming Future Present

In Asia, being future-ready, means being Future Present. A guide to how businesses in Asia can profit from change by thinking strategically and acting pragmatically – whether looking out 10 months, or 10 years.


Emerging Markets

Creating the future of Malaysia

Malaysia faces a host of short- and long-term challenges that threaten its continued prosperity, as well as its ambition to become a high-income nation by 2020. Its economy continues to be disproportionately driven by commodity exports, specifically petroleum and palm oil. Prices for these commodities have been increasingly volatile, subjecting Malaysia’s economy to increasing uncertainty that’s harmful to the general business and investment environment.

Africa's New Consumers

Demographic Trends, Emerging Markets

Africa’s New Consumers

Making and taking Africa’s opportunity Over the past decade, Africa has become the fastest growing region in the world. Growth rates of around five percent per year since the turn… Read More »

Asian couple

Branding and Marketing, Demographic Trends, Emerging Markets

“It’s complicated”: Asian youth and global brands

Written by Jeremy Sy, Director of Consulting, Kantar Futures, Singapore “I love you, but stop trying to change me.” That’s the message young people in Asia today are sending to… Read More »

Red Lanterns

Emerging Markets, Strategy

China’s Challenges

In the 7th century A.D., Wei Zheng, adviser to the Tang dynasty Emperor Taizong warned the Emperor about the dangers of squandering surpluses. He warned the Emperor, “If a tree… Read More »

World 2020

Emerging Markets, Strategy

The World in 2020

Introduction The world in 2020 will be very different from that of 2011, and certainly from 2000. During the long globalizing boom since the 1980s, we became accustomed to navigating… Read More »

East Meets West

Emerging Markets, Strategy

East Meets West

The growth of the Asian economies is one of the central economic and cultural stories of our time. But it is still widely misunderstood. Kantar Futures was commissioned by HSBC to… Read More »