What it is

An attitudinal segmentation tool that can be integrated into your database to improve targeting and communication

Providing a deep understanding of motivations and attitudes – ‘the why behind the buy’ – across categories from finance to home to shopping preferences

Questions we answer

  • Who are my best targets and how do I find them?
  • What influences their purchase decisions?
  • How receptive are they to marketing and by which preferred channels?
  • What should I say to engage them and how do I say it?


So what’s different about our approach?

  • We start with our proprietary U.S. MONITOR research
  • We built the MONITOR MindBase® segmentation around core consumer dimensions of
    • Success
    • Control
    • Family and community
    • Openness
    • Financial management
  • We append to your database via a simple name-and-address match to our national database of 260 million U.S. adults
  • We deliver insights and an actionable framework linked to our broad consumer research and your own customer data to help you plan your strategy, improve your targeting and develop a deeper connection with your target


The MindBase segments – who is YOUR target?

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What is your MindBase profile?

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How it works



Understand your business

We understand your current business issues and consumers and quickly determine the key areas of potential opportunity



Prioritize segments

We score your data with the Kantar Futures segmentation, prioritize the most critical segments and deliver an in-depth assessment of their behaviors via the lens of their attitudes, lifestyles and behaviors



Organizational understanding

We bring the segments to life with profiles and workshops to help you understand how and why specific consumer groups respond the way they do to your product, service or program



Strategies and action plans

We make sure your segmentation solution doesn’t sit on the shelf, helping you create strategies and tactical action plans that will drive your future growth


How we’ve done it before

Kantar Futures’ MONITOR MindBase® segmentation has provided us a deeper understanding of our current and future customers, their attitudes and values, and how they’re evolving with the downturn and recovery.  We’ve used this to tailor our community planning, product segmentation, and home designs that we know would appeal to key segments, and successfully used segment-specific messaging to drive traffic and sell homes.
VP, Research, Newland Communities