Businesses today are facing a new and different mandate: They must develop a more inclusive approach in both their brand strategy and company culture to stay relevant, maintain engagement and, ultimately, boost the bottom line. Kantar Futures contributed to a powerful Newsweek report focused on this diversity & inclusion mandate and has developed a holistic and future-forward approach to helping clients grow with inclusivity.

Diversity & Inclusion Actions With Impact

The need for more diverse and inclusive organizations is broadly accepted today. Seven in ten respondents to a survey conducted for this Newsweek report say the topic is clearly visible on the strategy of their organization. Still, just two in five express that they are on track to achieve their diversity and inclusion (D&I) goals. And there is a stuck pattern emerging. Just a minority of those off track say they “could be doing more to support D&I”.

Our research demonstrates that – despite a high level of activity – many measures have limited impact unless they are truly embedded in a comprehensive strategy. We also find that most organizations don’t have the rigorous follow-through that they probably apply for other change programs.

This report provides insight on what sets successful organizations apart and on pragmatic ways to more effectively drive the change for greater diversity and inclusion in your organization.

Achieving Results: Diversity & Inclusion Actions With Impact, was published by Newsweek Vantage.

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