A one-day executive development program to show how Futures Thinking can help your business grow in volatile and uncertain times.


This introductory (and free) Futures Academy is specifically focused on unveiling the five principles of Futures Thinking and sharing our approach to applied foresight. We believe that embracing these principles will equip your business to profit from change—not be blindsided by it.

We will explore a set of powerful and effective tools that you can use to find greater clarity in your business. These will be explained through theory and practice with case studies and tools like Futures Wheels, Timelines, Drivers of Change and Three Horizons. Through these exercises, we will arm you with new approaches to navigate today’s volatile and uncertain marketplace.

Please join us for a subset of the full Futures Academy with Futures experts and industry leaders, and we can offer you not only the chance to meet other leading thinkers, but also a great discussion and a set of proven tools to wield.

Date: Thursday, October 26th, 2017
Time: 11am – 4pm
Location: AKQA
Address: 360 3rd Street, San Francisco, CA 94107

Futures Thinking is a way of thinking about what’s possible more deeply, honestly and strategically.

Five simple principles. Five small shifts that, taken together, add up to a lot.

Learn how not to get fried alive, how to avoid being trampled by elephants, how to spot opportunities and grow. Learn how to look ahead – then really see.

If you are unable to attend the upcoming Futures Academy but would like to learn more about the five principles of Futures Thinking, sign up to receive a limited edition copy of Futures Thinking.

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