The Future of Consumption is a biweekly podcast from Kantar Futures about change, disruption, innovation and reinventing the consumer marketplace. Hosted by Chairman J. Walker Smith from Atlanta and Director Andrew Curry from London, each episode delves into a featured topic and includes regular, recurring segments spotlighting articles, news and opinions from around the Web and other Kantar thought-leaders.


Episode 14: Reimagining Human Scale

In this episode, hosts J. Walker Smith and Andrew Curry discuss the trend of consumers investing more of their lives in things done at a human scale, and what this means for technology and brands. (This is a preview of Walker’s April 11 FutureView Webinar. Click here to register:

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Episode 13: The Wizard, the Prophet and the Future of Consumption

In this episode, hosts J. Walker Smith and Andrew Curry discuss Charles Mann’s new book, The Wizard and the Prophet, and how it frames the driving dynamic of capacity.

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Episode 12: The New Face of Luxury

In this episode, hosts Andrew Curry and J. Walker Smith hear from three experts about what luxury means today and the opportunities for brands to leverage premium elements to their advantage.

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Episode 11: Follow the Money to Growth

In this episode, hosts Andrew Curry and J. Walker Smith dig into the challenge of growth for companies today. Rapid change is transforming what it takes to grow, in particular, the five principles of Kantar Consulting’s approach called W.H.O.L.E. demand.

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Episode 10: One Year Later, and the Year to Come

In this episode, hosts Andrew and Walker preview the year ahead, digging into a forthcoming thought-piece from Kantar and discussing books that have influenced the thinking of strategic thinkers in the business.

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Episode 9: Unlocking Growth

Growth is the focus of this episode. Growth is the biggest challenge in the future of consumption. Hosts Andrew Curry and Walker Smith discuss how companies can rise to this challenge.

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Episode 8: U.S. BrandZ Top 100

This episode digs into the BrandZ U.S. report on top brands that has just been released. Dmitri Seredenko of Kantar Vermeer reviews key findings and discusses what they reveal about brand equity and growth.

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Episode 7: Social Innovation

This episode looks at the three ways in which brands can deliver the benefit of improved social experiences and relationships for consumers – social currency, social matching and social context.

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Episode 6: The Global Energies

This episode features Kantar Futures experts Jennifer James, SVP and Head of Global MONITOR, and Alice Sweitzer, Senior Product Manager of Streetscapes, who offer their insights into three of the major dynamics reshaping the marketplace around the world.

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Episode 5: Music Lessons: What Brands Can Learn from the Digital Transformation of the Music Industry

This episode digs into the digital disruption that has transformed music from a product into a service, and what that shows brands in other categories about how to win in a future driven by digital.

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Episode 4: Business model innovation

In episode 4 of the Kantar Futures podcast, The Future of Consumption, co-hosts J. Walker Smith and Andrew Curry talk to Joe Ballantyne about slowing growth, archetypes of business model innovation, and learning from Dollar Shave Club.

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Episode 3: Smaller Worlds: Finding Value and Growth in Relationships

This episode digs into the shift from brand-to-consumer engagement to people-to-people relationships as the foundation for brand value, and the associated imperative to transact more in social currency that people can spend on other people.

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Episode 2: Centennials – The Post-Millennial Generation Rising

This episode takes an in-depth look at Centennials, the next generation on the horizon, with special insights about Centennial values and aspirations provided by Kantar Futures consultants and youth experts Jo Phillips and Kate Turkcan.

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Episode 1: The Third Age of Consumption

This episode takes a long look at the limits of cognitive, economic and resource capacities now forcing companies to reinvent their business models to measure up to consumers who want to Live Large yet Carry Little through experiences, relationships and algorithms.

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