U.S. & Global MONITOR

Anticipate change with Confidence

Kantar Futures’ U.S. and Global MONITOR subscriptions help businesses anticipate change with confidence. By providing an ongoing flow of strategic insights into the key drivers of change, macro shifts and emerging consumer motivations, we keep our clients on the leading edge of change, provide a total consumer view and deliver on-demand guidance for the business questions that matter most in the future.

We offer two distinct subscriptions, one that is global in focus and another that takes a closer look at the U.S. marketplace.

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Our content approach is organized so that we’re covering the entire spectrum of change: everything from the macro view (big-picture perspectives) to drivers of change (social, technological and economic) to consumer trends to leading-edge energies, manifestations and target profiles.


Our U.S. and Global MONITOR subscriptions offer
three distinct benefits:
1. We help you UNDERSTAND marketplace shifts and the total consumer view

2. We help you ANTICIPATE emerging phenomena, keeping you on the leading edge of change

3. We help you SHAPE your future by delivering ongoing, accessible and on-demand insights

Our Approach: Differentiated Perspectives

Kantar Futures has been an essential partner in driving toward a more consumer-centric strategy within our organization”
VP, Global Strategic Insights