In today’s Polycultural America, winning in new ways requires growth through inclusion. The highly targeted white-middle-class consumer segment is experiencing slow growth—and, in come cases, even decline. But diversity in the United States is booming and will continue to do so in the coming decades. As diversity reaches a tipping point in the U.S., brands face a new mandate: Develop a more inclusive approach in both brand strategy and corporate culture in order to stay relevant, maintain engagement, and ultimately, boost the bottom-line. Kantar Futures’ growth-focused take on building inclusive brands was recently featured in a Newsweek special report. Our ground-breaking work on the Inclusivity Imperative provides deep insights into key growth-demographics for the future.

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The Inclusivity Imperative: Growing Brands via Inclusivity

This year’s Polycultural Outlook analyzes the business case for inclusivity, explores the marketplace context in the U.S.: one of consumer marginalization despite booming diversity, and then provides a five-step process on how brands can grow with inclusivity in a fragmented and polarized market.

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KEY SEGMENTS Today and Tomorrow

Inclusive brands cast as wide a net as possible, but don’t lose sight of key growth segments.

Inclusion means welcoming and reaching out to everyone. However, when the focus is inclusivity for growth, it’s especially important to ensure growth demographics are not overlooked. We’ve identified five key demographics for growth across business categories that are aren’t being adequately served at present, although each industry and each business can identify its own “under-represented growth demographics.” In general terms, we see Hispanics, African Americans, Asian Americans, People with Disabilities and LGBTQ+ as key growing groups.



Inclusivity Practice

Kantar Futures has decades of expertise in generations, as well as gender and has been at the forefront of the polycultural transformation shaping U.S. society and market. Our Inclusivity Practice combines this knowledge and expertise to provide a very unique perspective into what it means to build an inclusive business and brand, internally and externally.

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